"David Barnett and Fat Cat Graphic Design have always been fast, professional, and easy to work with. We'd highly recommend Dave to anyone who needs any kind of graphic design work completed on time and for a fair price."


— Cemetery Dance Publications




"Dave Barnett has been designing books for Dark Regions Press for fifteen years. As far as I am concerned, there is no question he is definitely one of the best in the business, and you won't find a better cover designer anywhere."


— Joe Morey, Publisher Dark Regions Press







"We've been working successfully with Fat Cat Design for over a decade. Mr. Barnett's attention to detail and to making sure 'it's right' has insured that our books look fantastic! His creative design work, whether it be our suggestions or his, has always impressed our readers and author's alike. Thank you for being there for Overlook Connection Press."


— Dave Hinchberger, Publisher, OCP




"David Barnett of Fat Cat Design is the top layout artist in the USA and the fastest. For over twelve years he has designed our literary journal Skidrow Penthouse, and all the books published by our imprint, Rain Mountain Press. His design artistry is illuminated by a spectacular vision that causes Rain Mountain books to be immediately recognizable in their sheer dramatic beauty. Barnett’s knowledge and stamina have made our whole line of books possible. Fat Cat Design — brilliant, dazzling, magnificent are words that come to mind.


— Stephanie Dickinson, editor, Rain Mountain Press


"I’ve been working with Dave Barnett for thirteen years and have been consistently impressed with how attuned he is to each individual project. His design work amazes me in a new and exciting way every time he completes one of our books. In addition to being a top-drawer designer, he is fast and reliable. And from what I’ve heard about others in his field, this is a rare combination."


— Rob Cook, editor, Rain Mountain Press







""From Day 1 Dave Barnett's design work has helped establish us in the specialty press world. Professional work and a great turnaround time keep us coming back again and again. Using Fat Cat for our book layouts has been one of the best decisions I've ever made."


— Don Koish, Necessary Evil Press




"David Barnett [Fat Cat Graphic Design] is one of the top designers in the field today. Dave provides a unique, uninhibited style to interior design. And his exterior and cover layouts are a perfect match for anyone using gorgeous artwork. Not only does he do a professional job inside and out, but he communicates well with his clients, completes jobs in a timely manner, and goes above and beyond all expectations with every aspect of each job. It is a true pleasure working with Dave on various projects."


— Paul Goblirsch, Thunderstorm Books







"Without Dave and Fat Cat Design, Bloodletting Press would have never made it past its first year. His mentoring and knowledge of book design and typesetting helped put my press on the map. Dave's expertise in the field help this novice look like a professional."


— Larry Roberts, Founder of Bloodletting Press, Morning Stare,

Infernal House and Arcane Wisdom imprints




"I'm a perfectionist and so is Dave, which is why we worked together so well. Every time I asked him to make a slight change, he did it without complaint and was even patient with us when we made minor mistakes. Not only was his skill and talent with design surprising but the fact that he was a pleasure to work with — that is what exceeded all my expectations. Next time I need design work done, I'll be calling or emailing him."


— Joe Washington / President MidMerc L.L.C.




"Stunning designer. Intuitive sense of story reflected in compelling covers. Always delivers on time. Highest standards of customer service. Would hire him any time for any design project."


— Cyn Mobley, owner/editor of Bushido Press







"Mr. David Barnett of Fat Cat Graphic Design did an outstanding on two of the books I published in 2009. His rates are exceptional and he is friendly and easy to work with. I did a lot of checking around before I decided to have Mr. Barnett type-set my book: He was prompter, friendlier, and less expensive than anyone else. I could not be more pleased with the service I received.


"In addition to his friendliness and professionalism, Mr. Barnett is extremely talented with type-setting and cover design. He knows exactly what you need; he was able to promptly fix the cover problems I encountered with my second book project. Further, the text of the books he produces is simply outstanding in appearance. Type-setting is extremely important to readability in any book: Mr. Barnett has the talent and technology to make a book read beautifully. My books have received numerous compliments as far as type-set and cover design are concerned.


"Overall, I am more than pleased with Mr. Barnett’s work. He will definitely be making more covers and type-setting more books for me in the future. His service deserves five stars."


— Veronica Clark, M.A., Veronika’s Research and Essay Service




"Dave Barnett and Fat Cat have done some great work on interior layout and cover design for our introductory college text books in philosophy and ethics. Dave is cooperative, timely, and creative. He knows the business, and offers great value for the money. Definitely recommended."


— David Skrbina, Creative Fire Press




"Fat Cat Design is awesome. Dave is easy to work with and understood what I wanted every step of the way. The graphic art for both the hard and soft cover of my book titled "Cooking The Books," was just like what I wanted. His work is done quickly and at a fair price."


— Patrick Edwards